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---SGC 0001 (Scratcher)---
-Physical Description: 2.1336 metres tall. Caucasian. Blue eyes and black unkempt hair. Broad shoulders and well-defined muscles. Since it is a clone, it was created without male genitalia to prevent sexual attraction. Its arms are disproportionate, reaching its knees when it stands.

-Behaviour: Self-Destructive and violent. Prior to [DATE REMOVED], SGC 0001 (referred to as Scratcher) would lash out at any human it saw. On [REDACTED], it stopped attacking registered Crest employees who wore their badges. It would still stop and nothing to kill any non-Crest employee Human. During SGC 0001's self-harmful outbursts, it would scratch at itself, muttering about itches. It scratched deep into the muscle from this. It even has a hole on its right cheek from scratching. Most of its wounds heal within a day, except for self-inflicted ones.

---SGC 0001a (Defender)---
-Physical Description: 2.0065 metres tall. Caucasian. Each has well-kept short straight black hair with bright blue eyes. Their eyes are slightly translucent, giving them better night vision. They each have fairly average physique, despite their superhuman strength and stamina.

-Behaviour: They are welcoming to all humans they meet, but will eviscerate Crest enemies without giving it a second thought. They make all of their decisions as a group, suggesting possible inter-subject telepathy.

---SGC 0001b (Bloodshot)---
-Physical Description: Varying heights, but all around average human height. Stocky build. Bald with bloodshot eyes. Caucasian. Can sprint without end, all the way up until it expires from exhaustion. Can lift 272.1554 kilograms.

-Behaviour: Violent to ANY human. Will kill any humanoid entity it finds unless prevented. Afterward, devours corpse down to or including the bone.

Battle Characters:

Fear show

-Known Information: Fear, who is only called such due to the emotion he inspires in others, originally was called William. After his short containment in an unnamed facility, he was dubbed "fear" due to the fact that when threatened, he caused all around him to feel pure and nigh-immeasurable fear, if they intended to harm him for any reason other than self-defense. He eventually caused the death of every living thing inside said facility, using means unknown.

-Physical Description: Fear is a tall individual in his normal appearance. He stands at two (2) metres regularly, despite being only nineteen (19). His hair is black, and tends to have an unnatural reflective sheen. It often hangs in the way of his eyes, which are a dark blood-red colour, but his sight is never obstructed by his hair it seeems. He favours an outfit of DPM Camouflage military fatigues, with black and green forest boots alongside. On his chest is a small sheath for a combat knife, with its knife usually never drawn out. On his right thigh is a holster for an unknown type of firearm, which has been documented to fire "beams of light."

-Behaviour: Fear is not known to attack people first. However, if someone tries or succeeds in harming him, he will immediately attempt to track down said aggressor and kill them along with all of their colleagues, including anyone they are well acquainted with.

-Known abilities: Fear is known to have a dangerous amount of offensive capabilities:
--Highly electrified laser beams emitted from any facial orifice.
--Healing of humanly fatal wounds within an hour.
--Healing of humanly non-fatal wounds within five to forty minutes.
--Immunity to fire, and ability to become engulfed in flames at any moment.
--Strength approximately fifty (50) times that of an average human being.
--Ability to channel lightning from nearby storms, or occasionally to create storms.
--Ability to fire channeled lightning in a similar manner to the aforementioned laser beams, except from the ends of any limb and not out of an orifice.

Fear is also known to have many purely defensive capabilities:
--Ability to enable release of fear chemicals in the brains of all life forms which intend non-defensive harm towards himself.
--Ability to cloud judgement of those around him, by means of hallucinations and directing attention to possible but false conclusions to one's allies.
--Ability to vanish, at the cost of immediately becoming heavily fatigued from almost any movement done whilst invisible.

-Fear's known weaknesses are:
--Gas Masks, which can limit the effect of his fear-inducing abilities.
--Gasoline, which can cause his fire ability to rage out of control and slowly suffocate him.
--If worn down enough, like any human being, Fear will become fatigued and tired, sometimes enough to pass out.
--Chemical Warfare.
--Sudden Cranial Blows
--If betrayed, sometimes Fear will not be able to instinctually use his fear-inducing power on his former-ally, and will have to focus carefully to activate his ability.

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