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I Like Vocaloid, MLP, LPS Series (fanmade) SSSWarrior Cats Pokemon,Suite Precure, Keroro Gunso, Gravity Falls, Lucky Star,Jewel Pet And Smile Precure. Other Sites Im In Are: Social Neko, Animal Jam, Club Penguin, Fantage And Sploder


Anabel show
Hair: Brown With A White Streak, Kinda Like Anna From FROZEN. Eyes: Green. Age: 17.

Minx show
Hair: Black. Eyes: Bloody RED. Age:17

Misty! show
Hair: Blue With The Same White Streak As Anna. Eyes: White. Age:16. Her:
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NOTICE!!! Having All Of That Good Life Stuff Might Seem Like A Dream, That\'s Because It Is, EVEN THE MOST PERFECT LIFE Has Flaws, I Know Because I Got To Know A Certain Someone Very Well Recently, NO LIFE IS PERFECT, That\'s Something You NEED TO KNOW!! Wishing Away Your Life, For Someone Else\'s, Is DANGEROUS, Because, Then You Start To Think YOUR Life Is WORTHLESS, EVERY LIFE IS SPECIAL, You Just Need To Remember Those Special Things And when You Do, You Wouldn\'t Wanna Change A THING, But If You Couldn\'t Seem To Find Those Special Things Right At The Moment, Look Forward! Your Life Is Not Over Yet! You Could Be Part Of Something So Much Bigger, And You Don\'t Even Know It Yet, But When You Do Know And Look Back, You Will See That Life, Is SIMPLY FABULOUS

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Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 4485-1003-1104

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