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Hey all u ppl this is ma profile hav fun readin it READ THIS RANDOMNESS u don't have to though
Name: Destiny( stage name)
Age: 13
I'm a girl
My eye color is green yay and my hair is Brown yay, I love chipolte its awesome I play volleyball and ice skate track and others but I don't feel like typin the rest u know that feeling right . U know the thing bout vampires that if u stab a stake through their heart that it kills them even though it well kill anyone dumb myths
Oh and hav a 3ds but u know that feelin Ur to lazy to do that thing now so ya . Oh and hit that respect button press it press it jk u don't hav 2 I'm AMAZIN and so r u maybe jk yes U r if Ur readin this randomness
Hmm wat else Idk ill do more

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