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C; Officially Hacked By Dah Smexy Beast Unicorn Zaria cx
Hey JBoo! Guess who?! Yo Bestiee DiaaBoo! I love you, your so awesome and you know all dem songs on daa radioo. #TwerkTeam #BoxBuddies4Lyfee<33
This is my rap show
Hopefully ill make it, If i don't i can take it, For everone that loved me, I want yhall to know my life will be in your heart, And one day my name will be up in the charts, When i shine you shine, So just let it shine, I might not be in the world but i will be until death do it's part. I dont care what anyone says im me and your my friends, I only have a couple of true friends. Princeh, Quinee, Frazer, Nicki Abbeh, Adri, TeeY, And Alleh I love yhall till dear life and death and i wont rest until given my last breath
Another rap boi show
Man you a hoe ill punch you in yo throat i aint [censored]in playin bruh you already know you betta get out of here before you get shot hollin on mah muh[censored]in block!.
For Alexandra show
Its alot to say about you i dont know what i would do without you, you are my bestfriend and you are so cool, I like you, and i hope you feel the same way, Sorry i had to break it down this way.
For Alleh show
I hate the words that im about to say I have feelings for you and i hope you feel the same way, oh and by the way im feelin it right now and i hope you feel proud for what im saying so you know what im pouring out Alleh i love you and i wanna go out with you and thats all i have to say so Im out.
For Corey show
Wassup my nigga, You a real nigga, and you funny as [censored] but you a pain in the butt but idgaf lmao my nigga and you a trill nigga Nobody [censored] wit us cuzz we some dope niggas!

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