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As time fades ive smiles at the memories we've made. The castle we built. Tears fell upon my eyes as our castle crumbled. The shattered stone scattered amongst the wind and some new person took our castle and made it into something else. We couldnt enjoying hiding behind our masks and pretended to be something we werent. Instead our hands were forced to play the hand of reality in which our imaginations died. I miss those who i use to roam around these plains with and they have all fleed to somewhere else. Who could blame them tho. I never really had the chance to display how i felt to them even if i did, i was a failure at trying to stick with then. In the end i hope they just shinmer like a fairy with a glow so radiant that i could see them from the ends of the earth. To my good old friends Maygan, Sophia (diamondiris), and Num

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