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My name is Marissa and I'm 14 Years Old ^.^ I live In the United States In a Nice City. I Have a 3DS that's Pink and I love it! ^~^ I have 2 Dogs named Scraps and Princess and I really love Puppies! I'm a very kind girl and Understandable and also I like to be very organized ^.^. I can be really sad or happy at times. But I'm pretty much always happy! ^.^

My Freetime!
In My free time I enjoy playing soccer or playing My 3DS ^.^ I also listen to music or go on YouTube and watch random stuff : P Or I Just go On 3DS Plaza but rarely I go on here cx

What I like or my Favorites!
Color: Sepia and brown!
Sport: Soccer!
Movie: Finding Nemo!
Place: Home ^~^
Game: Super Mario 3D Land!
Food: Pizza!
Drink: Lemonade! ^~^

Relationship: Single ^.^
Sad, Mad, [Happy]: Happy! ^.^/
Age: 14
Hair Color: Black!
In Team: Yes! In a soccer team!

Me! ^~^ show


And Remember...

Well see ya! ^.^
Thanks for checking out my profile! ^~^ Pm me! I love getting Pm's! ^.^ Have an Awesome day! \^.^/

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