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Welcome to my 3dsplaza profile.How are you doing today hopefully you are doing great please note more info about me will be put bellow this not my permenant css just wanted to make it seem a litle epic /!

Here's more about me i'm a very old plaza member.My Name is.LulzSecZ on here but my real name is Daniel Feliciano im very fun and love to communicate with other's.I'm 16 and a staff on 3dsgallery2 A new site owned by maleck yeah cool right if your intrested in joining ill be have the link listed bellow for all you to click and register.You can also find me on dsipad I'm a full admin on their basically full powers yah I know I'm epic right if you need help coding etc please feel free to comment on my profile for help also I do profiles 👌👌👌👌👌.Don't forget to press the add as friend button before leaving my well coded profile thanks for reading and have a very blessed day.!

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 3456-0989-0987

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