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Hi, um, there's not much about me I can really talk about. I'm just that random person doesn't enjoy being the center of attention.
Bullying: show
The girl you just called fat? She overdoses on diet pills.
The girl you just called ugly? She spends hours putting on make-up just to make people like her.
The boy you just tripped? He gets abused enough at home.
See the guy with the nasty scars? He faught for his country.
The man you made fun of for crying? His mother is dying.
If you are against bullying, put this on your profile or signature, though only few people will, I'll know that those people have hearts.

Facts about me show
I like music and art.
I sing(At least atempt to.)
I'm a grammar freak in real life.
And I suck at math.
That's about it.
Oh, and my motto is "Born with it, die with it, but don't live with it."

Shows I watch show
Doctor Who - 10th Doctor is bae
Sword Art Online - I loves it
Steven Universe - Garnet got swag
Amazing World of Gumball - Why not
Bones - It's the drama I tell you
Sailor Moon - Serena is my replica
My Little Pony - Brony for life

Loathing - Wicked show
[G'linda] Dearest Momsy and Popsicle:
[Elphaba] My dear father:
[Both] There's been some confusion over rooming here at Shiz,
[Elphaba] but of course, I'll care for Nessa,
[G'linda] but of course, I'll rise above it,
[Both] for, I know that's how you want me to respond. Yes.
There's been some confusion for, you see, my roommate is..
[G'linda] .. Unusually and exceedingly peculiar, and all together quite impossible to describe.
[Elphaba] .. Blonde..


[G'linda] What is this feeling, so sudden, and new?
[Elphaba] I felt the moment, I layed eyes on you.
[G'linda] My pulse is rushing,
[Elphaba] My head is realing,
[G'linda] My face is flushing,
[Both] What is this feeling!?
Vervid as a flame
Does it have a name?
For your
[G'linda] Face
[Elphaba] Your voice
[G'linda] Your cloathing
[Both] Let's just say..
I loathe it all!!
Every little trait
how very small
Makes my very flesh
Begin to crawl

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