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Hey! Feel free to add/message me!

Well, first off, I am not very good at writing autobiography, but I'll try to do my best and give you guys an enjoyable time. Please note that I have written quite alot down below, so leave now if you get bored by that kind of stuff. Or stay, that's what I would prefer.

Most people call me Link, due to the fact that I am a huge Legend of Zelda fan, and I like that name, so you shall call me that. My age is unknown, and it will stay that way. Reason? First of all, is it really that important to know someones age? Exactly. No it is not. I don't need stalkers, thank you very much. My gender? Hopefully you've guessed by now...

Now, I enjoy doing many different things in my spare time. Art, poetry, story writing, and just simply playing my 3ds. I am a very creative, artistic person. Art is a passion to me, and do you know my favorite kind of art is? Video game art.

Like I mentioned earlier, I get my nickname, Link, from Legend of Zelda (A video game). And like I said in the previous paragraph, I love art. So art plus video games equals perfection. Ha, this paragraph was totally pointless.

I am a HUGE anime and manga fan, although the thing I love the most is vocaloids. Hatsune Miku is a very well known vocaloid, and she is my favourite. Rolling Girl and World is Mine are my favourite songs sung by her, too. I enjoy other vocaloids too, like Rin and Len and stuff, but Miku will always stay number one on my list.

I love making new friends. If you haven't already, press that button at the very top of my profile that says 'Add Linkables as a friend'. I always add everyone, and I check frequently to see if anyone has requested me. So, add me if you'd like!

Important Information: I am a very shy person. So say if you were a stranger to me and you Pm'd me, the conversation wouldn't really go to great. One way of getting to know me a bit better is simply just by commenting 'Hey, want to be friends?' or 'Hey, lets Pm!'. Just a simple way of letting me get to know you, and so that I don't have a bunch of usernames in my Pm box that I don't even know.

There is much, much more about me. Want to know more? My Pm and Comment box is always open! Remember to add me aswell on your way out!

So, you made it to the end. Congratulations! I hope to see you again soon, and possibly even become friends. For now, I'll be leaving you alone to explore. Bye my people!

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 2595-0069-6828

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