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Whats up? I'm Isolyte. (My real name is Selena but ya'll don't need to know that.)

I joined the plaza in that magical summer of 2012 to stalk my crush. I'm 17 now and I miss all the wonderful friendships I made.

I love to read, write, seek God above all, and film/edit videos.

Percy Jackson and Legend of Zelda are bae FOR LIFE

My YouTube channel is Selena The Awesome.

My old pals here:

Tallented17: he is my sweet little bro and i haven't talked to him in MONTHS [edit: YEARS] because i wasn't on the plaza! i miss you bro!

AWESOMEMAN: one of my greatest most funniest friends but his account does not exist anymore. If anyone knows where Daniel went, PLEASE message me. He's an awesome roleplayer and we still haven't finished our quest to save Princess Robdeprop.

epicsword: Devoted Zelda fan. We swapnoted a lot before the stupid government took it down.

Danintendo: He's chill :]

PhantomMech and then, MechaFan: He is Angel who brought me here in the first place, then left me for 4 years until I found him again with the skillz. Imo, he really needs to check his email more.

zelda101: I miss her. A lot.

mariofinale: His name has some numbers in it. So I knew him when he was 9 and he's super smart and funny. He's a brilliant kid.

I love you guys so much and I miss the old 2012 days when i would stay up talking to you all night under the covers with sweat running down my eyes. At that time i stole my friends DSi to go on but don't worry, I gave it back.

I especially miss SwapNote and lying in bed waiting for the notification light to blink and pulse on my wall with faint blue light.

Okay, I'm out. I don't know how often I'll check this but whenever nostalgia calls I'll be here, which is often enough. R)

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 0232-7743-1047

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