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Hey, the name's Leon. I'm just another backwoods country boy with a billion dollars to spend on random stuff, I listen to mostly country music, but I do like a couple of Eminem's songs, a few Green Day songs, some Rob Zombie, Falling In Reverse, Skillet, and a few others I can't name off the top of my head. I have a genius level IQ, but I'm still a redneck nonetheless. I am currently writing a book, called "I Will Find You", about a 2099 cop who goes awol to catch and kill his wife's murderer. I've added more to the first book, and canceled the second. After Leon finds his wife's murderer, he's shot in the back with a round treated with toxic chemicals, which his body absorbs, and gives the nuclei of his cells to alter his DNA in any way, controlled by thought. Basically, he gets the ability to give himself any power he wants. He then uses the power to give himself superhuman intelligence, and creates a tech empire, creating an international company called RobertsonTech, and becoming a part-time super hero.

Rp characters:
Leon Robertson show

age : depends on rp
bio : smart, funny, ladies man, rich, lives in mansion with butler Alfred, lived in japan for 5 years studying all forms of martial arts, and (only in hs rps) is lead singer/lead guitar/founder of band Leon And The Boys
looks : brown military cut hair, dark green eyes, camo tee, blue jeans, and a black leather jacket
drives : has many cars, but mostly drives his suped up Bugatti Veyron Super Sport


John Aaron show

age : depends on rp
bio : angered easily, a unstoppable force when angry enough, ladies man, 'worhips' greek gods, and (fantasy rps only) secretly is the greek god ares, and even more secretly, the fonder of the anarchy group the Warhawks, Mr. Tallon
looks : military cut light brown hair, red eyes, sunglasses, leather jacket, and black jeans
drives : a souped up harley davidson fatboy

Sarrien Fadder show

A Star Wars one
Sarrien Fadder
Age : depends on rp
bio : cool, calm, collected, a neutral force-sensitive, was trained by Mace Windu, along with the spirits of ancient Jedi and Sith, and was banished from the order for it, and became a bounty hunter like his uncle, Jango Fett
other : has 4 sleekly-designed lightsabers that can be combined in a variety of ways, is a Mandolorian, and his armor contains the latest state-of-the-art tech, and is always tinkering with them, he also has 5 clones of himself in stasis on Kamino, for if he ever needs them
drives : a ship he built himself put of salvageable junk on Raxus Prime

Alternate Info For Leon show

Ultimo info: This info addon allows Leon to be able to give himself any power with single thought. It also gives him the alter ego as the super hero Ultimo, who is notorious for being unkillable.

God info: Sometimes I like to use Leon as the God Of War instead of John Aaron, depending on how I want the rp to go, and what genre it is. This info basically gives Leon all the powers of a god, including summoning weapons, flight, invincibility, and an alternate form that is reminiscent of Ares from God Of War 1.

Symbiote info: This info basically gives Leon a symbiote kind of like the Vemon symbiote from Spiderman, but it's housed in his watch when he's not using it, and it doesn't feed off his adrenaline. It enhances his strength, speed, reaction time, and basically does all the things that the T-virus did to Alice in the Resident Evil movies, but without the mind-powers. He created it in his lab, inspired by Venom in the Spiderman comics.



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