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Hi! I just wanted to say, dont add me if we arent going to talk .. Thanks!! Use my friend's Kik to Kik me.

First name: VICTORIA.!or Tori
Last name: Not that you need to know

Age: 18

Fav. Color: Purple

Fav. Animal: Turtleee

Hobbies: Cheerleading for San Diego and dance

Likes: Boys, FOOD....especially Tacos

Dislikes: Judge mental ppl, cats �, stereotypes �

1.Fav. Song: Royals by: Lorde �

Thats all cx


[No] Taken �
[Yes] Single �
[Hell yes] Straight..all day everyday �
[Always] Happy �
[No] Sad �
[No] Mad�

Feel free to pm meh babes .!�

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