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My name is Yanira. I'm 15 . Brown eyes and hair. I'm a sophomore. Idk pm me..I'm taken by my amazing ya...but pm me still

I'm from Rhode Island the summer but Massachusetts I go to school

I'm a cheerleader for 3 teams., hip hop dancer, gymnast, and tumbler

I have 3 sisters no brothers.
I'm 5'2 umm yup I think tht it

Instagram: yanira_kiley

Love Eminem:

So when you see me on your block with two glocks
"[REMOVED] the World" like Tupac
I just don't give a [REMOVED]!
Talking that
[REMOVED] behind my back, dirty mackin
Telling your boys that I'm on crack
I just don't give a [REMOVED]!
So put my tape back on the rack

also like:
The Fall Out Boys
American Authors
One Rebublic
Emblem 3
Hollywood Undead

i hate
One Direction (hate me for it all you want)- they r gay
Nicky Minaj- sings bout hot bunz
Selena Gomez- dated a girl (sry lady..justin is not a girl..hes a lady)
Justin Beiber- sounds like girl
2 Chainz- always says his name when making an entrance in a song
5th Harmony- idk to girly

everyone thinks im a rude person but they are just there you have it...

my favorite food is pizza..all the way
i like tacos too..but only from taco bell

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1. sexy
2.most hated
4. u want me
5.u wanna shoot me
6.wanna marry me
8. perfect
9. likeable person
12. want me to crash nd burn
13. funny
14. loveable
15. flip me off
16. interesting (in a good way or bad one)

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