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Hey there. I'm K2TheAwesome, K2 for short. Yes, I know it's a childish and slightly narcissistic username, but I've got nothing better. Anywho,
I'm a 14 year old male who lives in Idaho. Yeah, the potato desert, as my friend and I call it. Some of my hobbies include playing my violin, reading, listening to music, and video gaming. Most of the time though I play video games and listen to music. Anyway, enough about that. I won't be on here too often,so PMing me isn't the best way to contact me. A better way would be to email me at [email protected] Yeah, it's a very old email of mine. I use a different one for more personal things. Feel free to add me on Steam if you'd like. My username is currently Lexiathan. It'll probably won't change in the future, but the possibility is still present. Well, that's all I can think of right now. I hope y'all have a lovely day.

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 0490-8018-0351

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