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I Love Chicken

This Go Out 2 ppl Who Love Them Some Chicken! Did U Know There R So Many Types Of Tasty Yummy Chicken. I Tasted Alot of Different Kinds Of Chicken Add Me If U Like Chicken

Chicken Is Not The Only Thing I Talk About Just 2 Let U Know

If u want 2 know more about me PM me cuz im 2 lazy 2 write more stuff bout me on this profile
i would rather do my HW which I Sometimes do...


Bday:Idk my own bday its really sad :[ jk i do but just dont want 2 tell

Fav Sports:Basketball,BaseBall nd Football.I dont really play baseball dat much bcuz lately I can never hit da ball .

Fav Shows:

Sgt.Frog:Very cool nd funny Anime show I didnt watch all da episodes tho.

Soul Eater:Really gud Anime but da ending 2 me was [censored] .

I got more shows I watch but to lazy 2 write down


Chickentistic!: 5/10
Havent had chicken lately :/

No Reason 2

Chill:4/10 not really cuz Got lots of hw -.-


Taken:Yes By A Girl who Rocks my world

I think dats all ppl ill write sum more on my profile when I get bored again.Till then Piece Out


I H8ed watching sgt frog cuz of dis :[

I Really Need a AC Its Freaking Hot Out Side,Not feeling da fans!!

I did This Once!

My Army of Chickens Will kill u if u mess wit my peeeps

Beware or Die!

Say hello 2 my little friend

I Saved this poor creature!

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 4124-5172-5953

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