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If You Wanna Know Anything Just Ask...
WLN I Keep [removed] Real 100 , I Don't Like Fake Ppl Seriously If You Know You Fake Gtfo Ain Nobody Got Time For That, Idc What You Think Or Say About Me , Im Just A Young [removed] With Common Sense Trying To Change The World , Im A Inspiration , I Don't Judge , Fw My Pm's , Im One On The Nicest Ppl You Could Ever Know Just Don't [removed] With Me The Wrong Way , "We Gon Be Alright" Stay True To Yourself , If You Believe You Can Achieve My Ppl

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Short , Fat [removed] , Bad [removed] ,Freak's , Loyalty , Real , Crazy.

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Hxe's , Thots , Liar's , Non Loyal ,Scary , Stank.

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She Bestfran Af , She Real Af, She Ain Got No Love For All Yall Fake Ahh Wannabe Ahh [removed] ,I Luhh You Bestfran , Let A [removed] Try Moni The Wrong Way , Ima [removed] You Up

[detect=pc] [/detect][detect=3ds] [/detect][detect=dsi] Mini screen *trollface* [/detect]

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1.Doctors called up to the news to report to them what they discovered Said I'm the first of a species that they call a real mxthafvcka.

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