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I was not blessed with charm.



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At the top, because why not. c:
Well, first off, I really like your music taste, always mentioning great songs that range from me crying to me moaning out. c/x
Secondly, you do major a great role on being my older brother, no matter how MEAN you are to me, ;^; I really do appreciate you and things you do. Except for the time you threatened to kick me out on the streets and leave me to the wolves. Q~Q
Thirdly, I've gotta say, I do get my looks from the best! hah, no. Incest, ew. ewe
Fourth, remember something.
It's never ever rape if you like it. c:
Fifth, remember something else.
You'll always be IsaQ to me. C: <3

I'm Isaiah and I'm 17. My birthday is 4/16. My favorite animals are pandas and sheep. My favorite color is green. I like drawing but I'm not any good whatsoever. School is a drag. I don't get along with most types of people. I don't really care for social gatherings; I get nervous. I LOVE PIZZA, ENCHILADAS, AND CEREAL! I CAN EAT THESE EVERYDAY OF THE YEAR! I DON'T LIE! Oh and I'm kinda gay Bye now.

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I have snapchat, I just don't use it often.

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