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*Update August 4,2016: I haven't used this site in 2 years, but have checked on it twice? Man time has changed*

Update January 5,2018: Holy hell! What has happened since I’ve been gone??? I got spam messages over some rebellion and there is nearly 1 or 0 new members a day?! Times have changed!

I don't need anyone to do my profile. Also, I don't get on much anymore...

About Me 2014

Name:Ask Me
Race:Mexican-American or just call me Chicano
Likes:Dogs, Pizza, Sweet Tea, Swimming, Minecraft, Girls, Playing Wii, Sonic, Sleeping, ATV riding, talking with friends, Video Editing, Free Running practice, Impractical Jokers. Ask me for more.
Best Friends:
LuvSwag: Basically, she is the only friend I got here left after being here 3 years. She hasn't left or betrayed me. Keep it up.

*SkittlezSilver hasn't been on in weeks.TigerGirl left me.FamusGirl(I don't want to go there).Tombstone left after 3 years.Star23 quit after being blackmailed to the extremes. And so many more people I can't remember. PaigeChanmeo won't talk to me no matter how much I PM her(Yet she's still active ). ShadowCat left. GamZeeLuvr left in 2012, returned in 2014, hasn't been on in days. Herobrine got banned. XxKittyxX got banned for some unknown reason and never returned. Baileybug left and would never talk to me. And then so many other people who were cool and just had to leave. My date is any day now. In the past 2 years, I have left numerous times for a mini break, but came back shortly. Now, I hardly get on and it might be permanent next time.

About Me 2018

Name:After many years of remaining anonymous on here, I’d like y’all to know me as Sal
Likes:Dogs, Wrestling, Super Spicy Memes, Hentai, etc

[/Hl]This site has changed so much since I have logged back in after so long...I want to tell y’all that I’ve been here on 3DS plaza since I was a 7th grader! I have now graduated highschool! It has been a hell of a ride on this site for the 3 years I stayed active before pretty much quitting.....Honestly, I’m surprised some people are still here! I can tell many accounts have been deleted, a lot of mods are inactive, and the site has faded away....If anyone comes by this profile, I want you to know how much of a life experience this small take on a social media site for a 3DS was for me and everyone else here! A lot of the people here were my only friends I ever had many years ago before I moved on and they were fun to talk to truly! Thank you all for this truly great experience through my young teen years! Thanks! [/Hl]

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