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You're a feg.

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what's life

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[1] I need to tell you a secret look at 5

[2] The answer is look at 11

[3] Don't get mad look at 15

[4] Calm down don't be mad look at 13

[5] First look at 2

[6] Don't be that angry look at 12

[7] i just wanted to say how are you?

[8] What I wanted to tell you is... THE ANSWER IS ON 14

[9] Be patient look at 4

[10] This is the last time I'm going to do this look at 7

[11] I hope you're not mad when I say this look at 6

[12] Sorry look at 8

[13] Don't get mad look at 10

[14] I don't know how to say this but look at 3

[15] You must be really mad look at number 9

I hope you like my profile. Bye

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 4468-1432-0204

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