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[img] Uploads/facebook-20150318-003159_zpshiyyref4.png.html?filters[user]=142799403&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0[/img]

Me:3 show
hi c: im Halie, im 16 im Single and im bisexual, i have grey eyes, blue hair, a tongue piercing, my industrial, my web, and spacers. on July 4th 2014 i went to Vans Warped Tour, and i got Chris Motionless to sign my hip, 2 days later, i have a tattoo of his autograph on my hip

My Story show
I was treated like total sh*t growing up, my real parents hit me so i got put into foster care, thats where i met Damion, Damion and i grew up together and we got adopted by the same family, recently, our mom died and that really f*cked me up, i started cutting deeper and deeper until i woke up in the hospital, i had to stop cutting so i did something else to numb my pain, i got high, now im currently pretty happy with my life here in Canada, if you have anything to ask about my story, pm me

Bands show
BVB, PTV, AA, Get Scared, Icon For Hire, Fit For Rivals, Flyleaf, Bring Me The Horizon, Bullet For My Valentine, Marylin Manson, Eminem, SWS, My Chemical Romance, Three Days Grace, You Me At Six, Attack Attack, Chunk! No Captain, Chunk!, Mayday Parade, Infant Annihilater.

Fave Quotes show
My Love For You Was Bulletproof, But Your The One Who Shot Me ~Bulletproof Love PTV
You Could Be The Corpse And I Could Be The Killer, If You Could Be The Devil, I Could Be The Sinner~ Get Scared-Sarcasm
I Think Its Fine If Kids Wear Black Lipstick, They're Not Going To Kill They're Cats~Marylin Manson

Rate Me? show
1:Your so ugly i just puked
2: Your Fugly
3: Your ugly
4: I've seen better
5: your meh
6: cute
7: pretty
8: hot
9: sexy
10: Stunning
13: id hug you
14: id kiss you
15: id make out with you
16: id date you
17: id f*ck you
18: id marry you
19: i love you
20: none of the above

20 random Halie facts show
1: i LOVE peanut butter
2: my fave animal is a cheetah
3: im 5 foot 7
4: im OBSESSIVE over Jack Skellington and The Nightmare Before Christmas
5: i have 2 cats and a dog
6: i like apples, alot
7: i have a Pierce The Veil tattoo on my lower back
8: i play drums
9: i can do screamo <3
10: i hate oranges
11: i have a batman beanie
12: i collect belts (i have over 30 now)
13: i skateboard
14: my fave food is DORITOS! :3
15: i weigh 125 pounds
16 my fave color is red (considering black is a shade)
17: all my pets are (coincidentally) white & orange
18: my fave show is Big Bang Theory
19: im 16
20: im more into girls then guys

Relationship Status show
(X) single
( ) Taken
(X) Crushing (on a guy)
( ) Crushing (on a girl)
(X) Happy
( ) Sad
( ) pissed
(X) looking
( ) nope ^

Please Stop: show
Telling me what to do, im not your dog
Hitting on me, unless i tell you i like you
Getting mad at me for no reason, what kinda person wants that?
Asking for my Number or any of my Social Networking info, i dont give out this stuff to anyone
and finally:
STOP ASKING TO CYBER! If im dating you, or if im into you, it will happen naturally,
if you dont do any of this, i will talk 2 u, if you do it, i will unfriend & block you, cause i hate all the bull you give me
Thanks! ~Halie

Chelseagrinx3 (Brianna)

Favourite Song: show
Torn From The Womb by: Infant Annihilater

Besties: (in order) show

1: jake321
(ask in a pm if u think u should be up here)

My Nicknames: show
Paramore (By my whole school cuz my last name is Williams)
Minecraft (By Zach)
Potato(By Damion)
Rainbow (by: SexyBBGcuz i dye my hair obsessively)
Hail (by my brother Blade)
Peanut Butter (by my brother Damion)
Cupcake (by xXxShadowxXx)
Hal Pal (by Dawson)
Missy Biersack (by ender1)
(i love nicknames, feel free to gimme one)

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