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About me:
Hey Friends and Viewers of my Profile! My Name is Budi, im 16 Years old and i live in da Oldy Landy Germany! ^^

My Friends are (This is NOT a Top *insert Number here*! I like everyone the same ^^)

RedBlueFire (changed username: SilverStriker): My Bro and a good Storymaker! He was the Director of the RP: "VS Giygas" and it was AWESOME!

DevilMayCry17: I need a Strong one... Oh i see one ^^ He has no matter to tell anyone what he thinks! Somehow i see him sad, but often hes very Funny and a Awesome friend!

hyperdelast: My Kingdom hearts Bro, and with his KeyBlade he can kick some butts!

shmookinpa: That Girl is sometimes Dark and mysterious, but if she is Happy everyone can have fun with her ^^

BFF1Brendan: That guy is very friendly and nice but he sometimes can get on your nerves. ^^

Hunter: He REALLY likes to Rp with everyone. He is very nice, and he tries to dont hurt feelings.

jblover102 (changed username: XxSkySagaxX): She has many friends and she is proud that so many people are nice to her.

crisisreborn: The son of the Death! Even though hes very friendly and it makes fun to rp fight with him

Nation: I know her for a long time, and its funny to hang out with her.

emilia (Changed Username: Emi): She likes to rp with me and anyone else, and she is an awesome Sis ^^

DjWolfSong16: She is mostly sad about her life but some people really try to make her happy ^^

If you are a very good friend of me and want to be on the list PM Me

Now more stuff about myself:
Favorite Game: EarthBound(SNES 1995 Japan: Mother 2) This game is my Favorite between EarthBound Zero (NES 1991 Japan: Mother) and Mother 3 ( GBA 2006 Just Released in Japan) The Mother/EarthBound Series is now 22 Years old and i hope it will last more than 1000 Years, thats for me the most Awesome Game and thats the reason why Ness is my favorite Charakter!
Want to see some Picture from EarthBound(Mother)? HERE YOU GO! [SIMG][/SIMG]




Games i like: EarthBound, Kingdom Hearts, Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario, Pokemon and many, many more!

And now a Picture of the Trainer Card i made(i was too lazy to add the Friendcode):

My Hobbys: Hanging out with friends, Playing Games and Recording for my Youtube Channel (PM Me for my Youtube Account Name)

Favorite Songs: Super Mario Bros Z: Theme Song,
Sonic: His World Zebrahead Remix

Moods: (1-5 X's)
Good [XXXXX]
Awesome [XXXXX]
Sad [X]
Lonely [XXX]
Single/Taken [DONT EVEN ASK ]
Feels hated [X]
Feels loved [XXXX]
Wants to RP [XXXXX]
Wants to get huged [XX]

Im mostly on the Roleplayer Chatroom so dont except me on the other Chatrooms ^^

Human with PSi Powers
Weapons:BaseBall Bat, Yoyo
The eight Melodies can revive me if i die (just one time in a rp)

My PK Attacks
MY RP PARTNER AND BRO IS RedBlueFire! He is just Awesome and a good story maker like me

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 1178-0030-3477

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