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I wish i could change my username.
Fav.Animal: Penguins!!!
Fav. Genre of Music:Rock ("emo"!!!!!

Other things:
• Anime is awesome!!! Tite Kubo is a genius!!!
• I learn languages on my own (not in school)
• My Birthday is December 2002

Random Quote: "What If I didn't fold the toilet paper? Something like that could ruin my life forever. I can't be defeated by toilet paper, if I turn my back on this I shouldn't be allowed to live anymore."
-Death The Kid


Me show
Thats it i guess...

Quotes By Friends show
• Words are Myths, but combined letters are not...(me and Drake)
•Zero equals... a big 'ol goose egg!!!(Mr. Lee)
•Better is better than best, and Best is better than better(Jacky and Me)
•I was like 'ha ha' (Joby)
•Its common sense (Drake)
•Kawaī face!!! (Drake)

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