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im foxycod
but you can call me cod, or foxy, or whatever.

im 16 years old but i dont act like it, and almost refuse to bc adulthood is like an ominous black cloud coming from the north
and im heading south

anywho i am a girl but i also dont act like it
bc im also genderfluid

am i a boy am i girl

idk u can address me as either bc quite frankly i dont give a heck

feel free to follow me on tumblr (foxycod) bc i am a lot more active on there
my blog's title is Buttcheek 3000 just in case u arent sure

i used to have an account on here but i guess it got deleted due to inactivity
anywho i used to go by psywolf
but those days are over

feel free to pm me or w/e


Millie Johnson show
Age: 16
Gender: Girl
Sexuality: Hetero
Zodiac: Virgo
Flirty, Gregarious, Loves colorful dresses, People often look to her for advice, She's like the mom friend, Loves having plants around but cant take care of them on her own(lionell usually tends to them bc she cant keep them alive), plays the violin and piano, has a crush on teddy and everyone but him can see it but she'll deny it if you ask her

Teddy Mallerd
James "Marley" Sumpter
PureFox(not human)
Lionell "Freshy" Williams

ill explain them more tomorrow

You can find me on: show
Tumblr - Foxycod
Instagram - Foxycod
Skype - Sealand12323
ClubPenguin - FruitBarf
Facebook - Cody Treece (not my real name, but add me pls i need friends)

make sure to PM me if u add my friendcode so i can add u back

just mention my name in a chat, ill most likely get a notification
if i dont arrive within half hour to a whole then im probably just out and about

stay fresh

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 4356-0912-3254

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