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Hello people of 3DSPlaza! I'm Fireboy21 and you have just entered my profile. So, my name is Tomal and I come from Engalnd. I've been on 3DSPlaza for a while as I joined the site back in 2012 so yeah...I've got to know this place very well. When I'm on I'm mainly in the roleplay room but sometimes if there's either no one in the roleplay room or I just don't feel like roleplaying, I tend to go into any of the other active chatrooms.

The forums is also a place on the site I look to vist, I like reading some of the stories that other users have written as we have some creative people on here. I'm looking to create my own story which will involve the users of Plaza (not all of them, ain't nobody got time for that) and I'm struggling to think of a plot, if you have one please feel free to PM me them

As you can most likely tell I'm a WWE fan, my favourite wrestlers at the moment are Seth Rollins, Cesaro, Daniel Bryan and Dean Ambrose.

Roleplay Charactars

JJ Douglas show
Name: JJ Douglas
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Looks: Black hair, black hoody, quite tall, jeans and wears black Nike shoes.
Extra Info: When JJ was 11, his parents left him in the woods. 3 days after he was left, he was found and put into a care home. He wasn't great at being social so he never really got on with anyone there and he spent a lot of time by himself. That was when he discovered dark magic. He self taught himself and learnt to control and use the magic. Then he was taken away from the home after the social workers found him a single dad to foster him. However JJ has never told anyone about his dark magic.

Ryder (The Clone show
Name: Ryder (The Clone)
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Looks: Red Hair with some white, green eyes
Extra Info: Ryder might look pretty normal, but he's not. His mother and farther were both Scientist who wanted a child to experiment on. That's when Ryder came along, or at least the one they thought was Ryder. What happened was "his" parents wanted to test out cloning, so they took the "real" Ryder and attempted to clone him. The experiment proved successful but only to a certain degree. Out of the 231 they cloned, only 2 actually had senses. The real Ryder, and a clone. The clone Ryder escaped the lab and it is unknown what happened to the real one.

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