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Hello! My name is Jesse!
I am 16 years old and a huge Spider-Man nerd

My heart already belongs to someone.

From the one you love unconditionally show
It's tough seeing you in so much pain, in so much stress, in so much sadness. I know you'll heal and get better, but I just wish this never happened in the first place. I wish the lady didn't hit you at all. I wish a lot of things, but baby you deserve lots. You really do. Once you get better right away, I plan lots of things for us to do. Just us two alone. I've been visiting you as much as I can and just being by your side either talking or holding your hand. I can't stand to just leave you alone. I want to be by your side always like how you have for me. Even though you are going through this, I realized lots and all I can say is that you're right. I wish I knew better but all I can really say is that you are right. I love you Jesse. I do and I wish to never lose you. Please get better soon. You're my special Christmas gift I could ever ask for. Honestly I have plenty to say but I'll wait until you get up from your coma.

To Jesse, From the Plaza Community show
Hey there birthday boy. Yeah, you heard that. You are now 16! Isn't that amazing to hear? Well, we are hoping for you to come back up again and for you to see us all. The whole Plaza Community had heard about you through me and others, so you are well-known at this point. Yes, I talk about you a whole lot, but hey, today is your day. Give thanks to Reena for the help, but here are what people gotta say to you for your birthday:

"happy crawl-out-of-your-mother's-body day" -Zielend

"Happy birthday, Jesse. Hope you're holding up fine. We were never really friends but I know you from my friend Lesley and you seem to be a great person. Everytime she's around she speaks about you. Even in your current state you continue to make her happy and proud. I look forward to the day you wake and I hope you have a good birthday" -Zaid

"Happy B-Day" -Cream

"Hey Jesse, Just wanted to say happy birthday to you, I know you're probably with Waffles so I'll keep this short. Happy Birthday, dude." -Isaiah
"I know you don't know me, but happy birthday from Rose!" -Starbreaker

"Happy Birthday, great wishes and successes will come your route." -ChampionLeake (Amir)

"Yo, Jesse! Happy Birthday man! I'm not sure when you'll get to see this, but best wishes out to you! I've heard a lot about you from Lesley and I can't wait to talk to you someday! Me and my friends are praying for you for your recovery and we hope you'll be okay! Take care!" -Shane
"Happy birthday, Jesse! I can't wait for you and Lesley to be reunited : )" -DrMintyFresh

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSE!!! Hoping you soon wake up to your love ones that miss and love you very much." -Emotionless

"Hey, Jesse! Happy Birthday! I miss you a lot. I hope you wake up soon to see your darling angel Lesley who's been on your side since. I wish for the best of you with many more cherished years to come. Happy Birthday!! God Bless." -Reena

And now a message personally from me. Jesse, it is your birthday today and I am here to see and be with you today. Even if your not up, I still wish you the best on your birthday. Each day is something different for all of us, though I am always constantly thinking of you every single day. I miss you each day and I just wish to just be by your side forever and ever. Anyway, you are my hero. My spider-man that continues to save me. You are just everything to me and I love you. You are now 16 and growing, mentally and physically. Heck, you're tall now, surprisingly and it's a huge surprise to me to know that you're over 5'10 now. Well, I pray that God blesses you and that you will be okay. Take good care and hopefully you will be alright. I love you, my crystal prince. Forever and Always. From your girlfriend, Lesley (A.K.A. your Star)

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