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About me:
The names Jack
Age: 16 almost 17
Height: 5'8
Birthday: October 29
The bands I like are: Jeffree Star, Tmills, BOTDF, BVB, pierce the veil, sleeping with sirens, A day to remember, Hollywood Undead, Family Force 5, metro station, and etc.
My favorite youtubers: Pewdiepie and his gf Cutiepie.
I love Creepy Pasta as well.
My bffs are creamstar, TheRiddler, starbreaker, JeffDeKiller1.
I'm a gamer, I love halo, gta 5, prop hunt, I love any games that involves killing
Shayla your the best sister anyone could ask for, I love being your little brother. Your like my real sister, your amazing, sweet, kind, and I want to be your little brother forever. I'm so happy we met. I love you sis and I would do anything for you and I mean it your an amazing sister and I don't want nothing to happen to you or I'll be upset and I would be crying my eyes out every single day cause that's how much l care about you big sis. I love talking to you everyday you make me happy when I'm mad or when l'm upset. l love you big sis.

Brewed1284 your like my sister even tho we don't talk that much your still alright.

VampireWolf: your like a sister to me your amazing and your nice too.
Taken: xx
Crushing: xx
Happy: yes
Sad/ Crying:
Wanting to kill someone: yes always
Missing someone: yes
In pain:
When I get hurt I'll start to laugh and cry a little, but mainly I laugh cause I love pain.
To warn you guys make me mad, you guys will see my dark side. -laughs evily and twirls my scaplel in my hand-
I'm not gonna be on here the much cause I'm going back to school but I'll try to get on here when I can. (I love ya sis and I think about you a lot.)

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 2337-5912-2932

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