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About me:
I'm not on as often as I was before, and no longer a moderator.
But if you'd like to contact me, or game with me (PC) for some reason whatsoever, here are some names you can look up.
Steam: CocoaDynamite
Discord: CocoaDynamite#4903
(PLEASE tell me you're from plaza and your name if you decide to contact me.)

-- Warning ! YOU HAVE ENTERED Esteve's PROFILE ! --

Sup! I used to be chat mod, the name is Esteve; it's my real name too. I'm 23, MALE, married and have a baby daughter now! ...And /occasionally/ on the 3DSPlaza Chats.

Got a problem with my attitude? Gtho.

Anything else you want to know just PM me, I'll be glad to answer questions.

Thanks for reading! -b

The story of how Shine became a Moderator and switched to Esteve.

Shine: Oh cool! I just took my time doing this Mod Test!

-5 months Later-

Robdeprop: Shine, PM.

Shine: Ok!

*Checks PMs*

"Congratulations... Blah, Blah, Blah."

*Goes on chat*

Shine: Hello.

AND THERE... Begun the story of Shine.

AND HERE... Is how Shine got his Moderator Powers switched to Esteve

I've become extremely tried of being called Shine, mostly because of user: Shinestar. Every time he's online in the chats they talk to him, calling him Shine, not Shinestar, I ask them why, and they say that they get lazy writing his complete username. So, I asked for my powers to be switched to my older account, which is this one. I also get tired of people thinking I'm a girl.

Shine: HI.

Shinestar: Hi.

user: Hi Shine!

Shine: Hi user.

user: No I mean Shinestar, gtfo Shine you girl. -_-

Shine: ; - ;


Shine: im trd of dis shiz, rahb, mke me estev insted

Robdeprop: ok estev

Esteve: Hi.

How Esteve lost his Moderator powers:

You know what, I'm busy, and the older you get, you won't have time for fun sites or activities like I had here back in the day.

Inactive is well-put, you guys will see me here from time to time, don't expect to see me often.

Later. Contact details on top.


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