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Just the emo girl...

I like a YouTube group called My Digital Escape. I like bands such as; Black Veil Brides, Blood On The Dance Floor, Pierce The Veil, Bring Me The Horizon, Sleeping With Sirens, All Time Low, My Chemical Romance, and Snow White's Poison Bite. I like this Show called American Horror Story and this book series called Creepy Pasta. Urban Legends and Greek Mythology interests me as well. I play video games like Minecraft, The Legend Of Zelda, Super Mario Bros., and Pokemon.

My RP Character: Her name is Dev. She can bring hell upon anyone and anything with the look of the Devil in her eyes. Her eyes, they are red. Her hair is jet black and goes all the way down her back. When she was younger, her parents died in a fire. The one she set. Dev killed her parents! She was sent to live in foster care until she was 14. At that age she was sent to a psychiatric hospital because she started having suicidal and homicidal thoughts. She was later released back out into the world. She lurks in the shadows of your dark streets and alleys, in your closet, under your bed, and worst of all, she's stuck in your head!!

PM me if you're looking for a 3DS Plaza best friend

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