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Hey, been gone for quite a while, sorry, a lot has gone on. I'm now a whopping 15. I hope anyone I know is still on here, I'd love to catch up.

Emi. Age. 16. Vampire/demonic princess.

Black emo hair.eyes change color

depending on the condition. A netrual

being. A Tsundere. Where's a long hooded

robe. Prefers a scythe but will also

use a pair of sai or a long sword.

Normally a solo hunter. An assassion.

Black clothing and leather combat

boots. Her normal eye coloring is a icy

blue. Her speciality is shadow and dark

magic. Can use ice magic but not fire.

Lives deep in the forest. Has red and

black daemon wings.

Ravan. 19. White eyes. Red hair. Wears a

white muscul tee and jean shorts. Wears

run down Nike shoes. Very cheery and

happy. When angered a storm cloud

appears over her. Normally uses a bow

with special tipped arrows. Her magic

speciality is weather. She is part

avian. Has white feathered wings.

Emi does not have a Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo 3DS friend code.

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