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Codename:Anastasia show

Name:Valorie Last name is classified.
Age: 22
She is a strong and very confident girl. She is calm and collected a bit of a clean freak. She is much like Levi from attack on Titan. But female and she is great at hand to hand combat. The collar around her neck is able to put her into crippling pain and she cannot take it off.

Astria show

Astria Death
Species: Grim reaper
She is someone who hides in the shadow but speaks her mind and manipulates people to do her will. There is a war going on and she is leading in it being as she is the daughter of Death himself. She is strong and yet adorable. She can be serious then lighthearted switching back and forth pretty quickly. She has a sweet-yet low and dangerous voice. You're on the opposite side of this war and you find her

Zerith show

Zerith Valkir
Species: Magically-inclined human
She is an assassin of an elite organization and she was raised by them. She is actually the lost princess, kidnapped at the age of two and she hides her face almost all the time under a hood
She wasn't raised in the castle she was kidnapped from her parents at a young age from her king and Queen parents and she was raised to fight against the crown. She will soon find out who she is after she had tried to regroup the organization she was raised by after it had been hit hard at the command center and everyone went into chaos. She has a group of about 7-9 people who follow her no matter what. Though she would try not to bring them into this. She has white hair a silver and a blue eye like the queen the white hair from her father. she wears a top that had a back that acted halfway as a skirt but didn't cover much on the front part the back half (the long bit) nearly reached the floor and then there was a piece that actually covered the front that were a pair of pants then there were these sides which was the front that made the front sides and the back become one. She also had boots with it too Her Top also had a deep v-neck almost to her belly button then it was tied up from the bottom to in between her breasts by a leather string her clothes were leather and a soft white fabric in some parts her sleepover had the ends just below her elbow in the white fabric in a sleeve that was wide and wasn't tight to her arm but not too loose and her back half was made of two layers the black top half and then the white bottom
she carrys a knife black, when she holds it it glows white and markings show. She has a decent bust

hai testing

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