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As you can tell i like MLP and I love Star Wars (if you have any questions about star wars just ask me)and I am Brittish.I am a guy (yes i am a brony).You shal never know my name Mwha ha ha ha!!unless you pm me or something because you will never find out any other way.Want to know why?Because eets a Meestery!You have to go through the Jedi trials if you want to know more about me.1 more thing.When ever you see me using these words it is called murkyism.Here are a few of them.Plastic dinosaur=the awesomest of the awesome.Stooky=awesome.Nar Nar=not awesome.Nostrul=oh my god that is totally not awesome,and Yub-nub which really is a word the ewoks use in Return of the Jedi (which is the best movie evah!Besides the Lego Movie)it means horray this is so awesome!!

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