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About me:
-yea...thats right, I managed to escape Paper Mario's Thousand Year Door game!
I just hope doesn't come searching for me just so he can attack me again!

Some Things About Me

Favoite Music singers:
Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Drake /, Adele, Lorde

Favorite bands: LMFAO , Owl City, One Direction, Living in a Cardboard Box /

This is how Awesome I am

This is how awesome a noob is

/ -b

Favorite games: Kart: Wii/ Ds/ 7/ 8, Super Smash Bros: Melee/ Brawl/ 4, Animal Crossing: City folk/ Wild World/ New Leaf/ Happy Home Designer, Paper Mario: TTYD/ Super/ Sticker Star, Pokemon White/ White 2/ Y/ Alpha Sapphire, Sun,

Friend codes
: 2191-9028-0996
ACNL: YorkTown
WiiU: Toad387
ACNL Dream Address: -Soon to come-

I'll be doing Pokémon Giveaways for Alpha Sapphire, So if you want a Pokémon, Inbox meh! /

If you'd like to battle me in smash, just message me!
Smash Mains:
-Duck Hunt(Rarely)

Favorite food: pizza

After Monday and Tuesday is over even the week says WTF -b

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 2191-9028-0996

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