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I look like such a wierdo, heh.

About me:

Name: Ask me when you get to know me .u.

Age: 15 years old.

About me~ show
I am an Otaku, I like to read, write, swim, and game, but usually only on PC or iOS. I also love to roleplay. I am a brony, furry, and a HUGE Starwars fan. I play with LEGOs occationally, and love to be with my friends. I also LOVE Pokemon, and Minecraft (iOS and PC). I am an only child. My favorite color is Purple!

Speaking of roleplaying... show

Name: Ignis

Age: 19 (Adjustable though)
Se×: Male

Hair: Dark brown hair medium hair (Similar to Kirito's in the anime "Sword Art Online", but brown instead of black.)

Eyes: Although he is known to change his eye color, his eyes are normally found to be dark purple.

Skin color: White

Sexuality: Straight

Ignis is a pure-breed full Angel.
He was born in a small village on the borders of Angelic territory. He wears a black cloak that conceals his whole body, and covers his face with the shadow of the hood. The cloak has angelic runes in gold embroidering the edges, and his cloak can't be destroyed. He has many secret abilities. And two pets. (Pets' info will be added later)
(More info on Ignis and more character will be added later)

Name: Mike

Looks: Longish Straight dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, has an X-shaped scar over his left eye. Has a weird looking watch-like gadget on his left wrist and a black backpack. He also seems to be able to sense thoughts.

Age: 16 [Adjustable]

Se×: Male

Gear: Delta-Scientist Equiptment (2 other sets that are secret)

Pokemon: Electric Chattot [D], Grass Charizard [D], Fire Kangastan [D], Quilava, Dark Arcanine [Dark Breed] and one secret. (he keeps his pokemon private, he'll only tell about/use them if he has to...)

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