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Hi! My names Cynthia and I am 18 years old. I have had a really rough past. Hmm, where to begin?

Well, I have suffered through depression for over half of my life. I have been so much happier recently. I'm still working on my anxiety but I live with my brother who loves me. I am in no relationship and has learnt that they just mess up your life.
UPDATE: I am in a relationship with the most amazingest person in my life and at first I though I was rushing into it, but I realised, finding the right person and understanding how much you love them is the best choice to make. Love you bae <3

I want to thank @Gothking here on 3dsplaza. He is the kindest person ever and has helped me so much through tough times. Lysm <<<3

I have been bullied for all my school years. I have also self harmed and attempted suicide 6 times. I'm so glad they didn't work. I still have scars on my body and on my heart.

No one goes on this site anymore so I might not be on often.

If you are suffering through anything, talk to someone. Just know, you are not alone and that you WILL get through it. If I could, you can!


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