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I am a girl, and I like RPing. Not much else to say.

RP Characters:
Kenna show

Name: Kenna

Age: Unknown; somewhere from 15 to 18.

Body: Tall, 2.4 metres. Long black hair, 1.3 metres. Bright glowing red eyes. Flat-chested. Pale-skinned, her skin is soft but cold to the touch. Her body appears thin, but she has enormous strength.

Clothing: A long white dress which repairs itself after being damaged. Small black tennis shoes. White gloves when holding her knife.

Personality: Insane. When povoked, she will kill anyone she can whenever she knows she won't be seen. She has massive intelligence, and is terrifyingly cunning. She also has several paranormal abilities which aid in her being undiscovered when attacking people.

If I don't reply to a PM immediately after it is sent to me, please do not spam my inbox with copies of it. I am not always online, and cannot reply to each and every PM as quickly as I would like to.

I've been away for a long time. Sorry 'bout that.

Cerberus is no big deal. No more than pointless misled fools.

CyberMonster does not have a Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo 3DS friend code.

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