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Currently writing my first book.

In love[]

Hello my name is Crona (not really).

Grade: Potential College Student
DOB: February 21st, 1998
HairColor: Dark brown
Skin Color: Brown/Tan
State: New York
Gender: Male (What? Are you shocked?)
Contact me on KIK @eerieasylum

I love to write. Poetry, Stories and stuff. Im working on my first book. I think books open up a world so great that its hard to escape it well for me...

I think the future generations should at least read books especially on material that entertains them.

Here is a sample of something i wrote:

It Came Back:
That feeling
It lingered within me
I couldn't understand
I couldn't know
It was coming for me
a memorial of my former innocence.
It came for me and shook my
foundation which had already been broken.
It came and it broke me again.
I gave in.
I gave in.
I gave in.

I Am Alone

My heart is shattered
The storm of tears return;
The pieces are now scattered.
Why must I fall in love again;
With those that don\'t feel the same.
I think ill wander in the dark, empty world until the sunrises;
If the sun rises...

Together Alone

Even though you\'re there i\'m still alone.
Your words come to me as empty;
As empty as my own heart.
Rescue me from this cage;
My Dried Soul and Empty Body.
Rescue me...

That was meant for someone i knew. Im not gonna go into it.. please but at least i get to see it.

Footprints in The Sand
The scars in the past
Are sea shells in the sand.
Compacted they remain.
Someone that has left me
alone with no direction of where to go
Are like foot prints in the sand
Washed away by white waters and covered by seaweed.
I shall make my foot print in cement
For it is I alone i shall remember.

The Memory

Vaguely i remember
The abuse
You used
Me as your machine
Silent you wanted me
So I was
Until then
You were thrown in the Lions Den
They ate you up
And spit you out
Nothing but bones
But you werent clean
Of the sins
That corrupted you and me
And so now I flee
From the vague memory
That I believe is my reality.

Love Is Dead

Love is dead here.
It died long ago.
I didn't know this until now.
That love was my biggest foe.
And yet I killed him.
I thought it was perfect.
But love you knew you were draining me so.
Your grin your stare.
All a facade.
So charming until I woke up near my end.
No, no, love no.
I won't let you love.
Because ive got my blade out
And i cut your heart out.
Bye, love bye
You die painfully now.
I feel stronger now.
I feel independent again.

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