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The names Chorde
Nice to meet you. Sooo...
Im 15, 6'1", weird, kinda In need of a best friend and I dont respond to "hey"
im kinda weird, I believe many, many weird and uncalled for sayings.

You. Are. The. Effing. Best.
I love ya man, you have with ne dispite my stupidity, my lame excuses and my iness.
thanks so much for sticking around when everyone else walked, and in return, I made ya this. Please accept as a token of your awesomeness

List of ny other very, very best friends:
she is like, the best friend ive have had on here. #ColoradoHobos5ever

The Source is Life
Family, Friends and Faith are needed.
If you arent one of them, move over.
You dont wanna be one if them, leave.
Dont waste my time and dont waste yours.
Someone will gladly take your spot.
Ever wonder why we all love diamonds so much?
Is it because thier valuable, Rare and just absolutely heartfelt gifts...?
Yes, all of those things but honestly, the reason why is that they are Beautiful.
But why are these rocks, no different than glass, given such an amazing rep in cause of thier great beauty?
Because they hold one thing we all need- The spectrum.
The Spectrum is all colours in one.
Now, you may ask what a Spectrum has anything to do with a diamond im sure, but give me a few moments of your time and I will explain
See, a spectrum, holding all colours, has one result- many, many personalities.
We see Red. A ruby. Some say the colour of life because it resembles Blood, anger and heat.
We see Indago. A Crystal. In other words, blue. The colour of Virtue. Of peace, tranquility and patience.
We see Purple. The Colour of Royalty and Honesty. A bold personality this one holds.
We also see yellow. Happy, innocent and lovely.
We see orange...the colour of drive, accomplishment and endurance.
And last but not least, we see Green.The Emerald. The Colour of Fairness, truth and strength.
Now, if we take all of these personalities and combine them, one by one, what do we get?
The personality of a family. Of a friendship and most of all, the concept holding them together- faith.
See, faith is The Spectrum.
But Without the diamond, there is no spectrum,therefore, we are nothing.
Making no sense? Ok, then here's the bottom line- Family and Friends are the diamond.
And when light shines through, -as it will, we would nit know what darkness is if we never saw light first- it touches every bit of the diamond in a result of? Thats right; A Spectrum.
See, faith is the Trust between Father and son, the love between daughter and mother- in other words, a family can be joined.
Funny thing is, after the faith is applied in our lives, it never goes away.
It may seem like it has left, like it has been torn apart. But let me ask you a question- on a cloudy day, when you cannot see the sun, do you fear something terrible happened to it? Most of you would say ,"No." Why? Because we know its still behind the cloud and it WILL appear again.
That is faith. That is what creates a family, a friendship and shows true, honest faith.
Disagree? Thats ok. I know im right, so im not gonna waste my time with you. Dont like me? THANK GOD! One less person I have to put up with.

[Yellow]btw, im NOT fake


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