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My name is Chase. Im 17. If you want to know anything else than ask me.

Chase: The formerly exiled, King of Vampires. He is 4087 years old. But barely looks to be 20, he is extremely handsome. His hair is a dark shade of blonde, his eyes a beautiful electric blue. He can be found in a seven story mansion in a forest. when he is angered his power increases drastically. His eyes will turn a brilliant Red. And there will be almost no stopping him. His weapon was giving to him by death himself. He uses deaths scythe to pass judgment on those who are destined to die.

Quote: An Armed Recon Bot, he was built to look exactly like a human. Except for the fact that his skin is grey and his ears are replaced by Sound Receivers he is a perfect image. He thinks himself to be human. Having emotions and a sense of right and wrong. He escaped a floating island with the help of his friends curly brace and balrog, after escaping he fell off of Balrog and fell into the forest below cussing him another memory loss.. He usually wears a red cap with a metal slate across the front along with a sleeveless black tshirt and baggy red pants.

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