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age: 17
gender: female
fandoms: teen wolf(my main fandom), flash, arrow, supernatural, merlin, hunger games, divergent, tmr, harry potter, percy jackson, dc legends of tomorrow. (there may be more...)
hobbies: my hobbies include being on the internet, roleplaying on chicken smoothie (look it up), listening to music, gymnastics, and reading. All I ever do anymore is read... its kind of a problem, but atleast I'm not doing anything illegal.
hogwarts house: slytherin

I kinda ran out of things to add, so tell me anything else I should add.

~roleplay characters~ show

name: my name is evelyn jones and most people refer to me either by evelyn or eve.
gender: clearly i am a female. i am also heterosexual which means I am attracted to people of the opposite gender.
age: i am seventeen years old
species: it really depends on the kind of roleplay she is involved in.
personality: evelyn has a good heart and is kind to almost everyone who crosses her path. at times she can be shy and reserved, but once she gets to know someone she usually opens up to them. she prefers to be alone or only with one or two other people; she hates crowds and large groups and tends to stay away from parties and gatherings. she can be a bit stubborn at times, but she gets over it quickly.
history: it depends on the roleplay.
other: she is quite adventurous and daring to try new things.

name: i go by bella marie because i do not want to be associated with my parents who left me when i was a child.
gender: i am clearly a female and i am heterosexual
age: bella is fifteen
species: bella does not know she is not human, it really depends on the roleplay on what she is.
personality: bella has a very unique personality compared to a lot of people. she is quite mysterious, yet she is still open about almost everything and she is not afraid of a challenge.

name: my name is luna
gender: i am a female who is heterosexual
age: in human years i am 17 but in dog years i am 2.

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