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HEY YOU STALKERS okay so im crazy yes i love reading manga I ALSO LOVE WORLD OF WARCRAFT!(and regular books but im kinda addicted to manga right now ) I'm Also desperately trying to learn how to play piano (like you care) on my own because like no one in my family has a creative or musical bone in their body(except my cousin who is extremely good at the violin) So im really on my own i would DIE without my music and im a tomboy who plays hockey and gets good grade. i believe in strange things and im also a good friend


These people are true friends and there when you need them NOT IN ORDER

OverandUnder: Your awesome and are always funny. You your also there when i need some to talk to. Thank you for a awesome friend. and your also like a brother to me ^-^

Ganondork: your awesome to talk to and i still think your my cousins doppelganger but your funny and fun to be around thank you


Head Hunter: your always funny and if im down you try to cheer me up and i forgot the rest sorry anyway your a good friend all the way around


If you see your not on the list let me know please by pm

MY FAV Sayings
Aye Sir!- Happy[/blue


[blue]My name is BlueFur im in LeafClan My clan leader is MossyStar. Btw im a she-cat (no mate)


BlueFur does not have a Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo 3DS friend code.

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