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I'm a hypnosis geek that loves diapers... That's all and the 3ds is my brother's so if you see Ethan don't be alarmed.

I uhh... Don't really do rp that much, but I have for the last couple days, so, why not list my characters?

Ethan: He's 14, and can change into a Pikachu form. He's been able to do this ever since he was 3 after being near too much radiation.

Ashley: Same as Ethan (well... Not a boy... Cause let's face it, there are no boys named Ashley... ) But has Ice magic

Alicia: 14/3 (that stands for 14 or 3, not 14 and three fourths... Lol) She was so happy til' she turned 8, then, a murderer came in and killed her parents (..... That's fun!) So her stepmother had to come live with her. Then, when she was 14, she burst with the attitude you get when you become a teen. Her stepmother then turned Alicia into a 3 year old. Then her stepmother found out the murderer was their neighbor and moved out. Oh and she's a squirrel Babyfur..... I probably.... Should have mentioned that sooner... Oh well now ya know, see you in chat, bye bye!

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 5301-0037-8049

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