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hiya im lionel im 14 yrs old
I'm an anime fan I dislike undertale (rant all you want nothinga changing the fact I dislike it it's not my type of game so yah f- oh wait u can't swear here I forgot I've been a long time on an app called anime amino and Kik where I got used to swearing too much so I guess screw u?)
I watched a lot of anime so I pretty much don't remember my Anime list and even if I did I'd probaly forget I have a ps4 My psn is Raiko_Fujiimoto (please refer to me as Raiko in chats I'm used to that name alot ao I'd appreciate it) I'm a role player while I'd like to post my bios here I dedicate a lot of time to them so copy pasting them here takes up all of the space for my bio so I'll make it simple
Spoiler: show

Main oc Raiko Fujimoto in that link to read my ocs bio

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