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#1 rp char show
Name:Chris,Gender:male,Age:19, Hair: Red and kinda long,Eyes: Light green,Appearance: black hoodie with no shirt underneath, along with black jeans with a cross necklace around his neck, follwed by white Nike's. [img] [/img] Personality: Caring,open,helpful,Very protective of loved ones and friends. Species:Alpha Werewolf, Appearence: His eyes will either be light blue when calm and blood red when mad, when he changes he's very buff, and muscular, his fur will be grey and on his tail he'll have a bit of white. [img] [/img]

#2 rp char show
Name:Victoria,Gender:female,Age:19,Hair:Light blue and long, Eyes:Light purple,Appearance:Usually wearing a outfit that looks like the pic below. [img] [/img] Personality:Funny,Sweet,Caring,Helpful,Protective of loved ones and friends,Species: Succubus, Hair: Pinkish purplisn and long, Eyes:Light green when calm, or blood red when angry, Appearance:Flames outfit that cover her breast,butt, and you know, but top of breast can be seen, and her stomach can also be seen. She has light purple horns on her head, a dark purple tail, and wings. [img] [/img]

#3 rp char show
Hair: Red and kinda long, Eyes:brown,Powersemon/Wolf,Details:Handsome,kind,nice,helpful. [img] [/img]
[img] [/img]

About me show
Name: Marie Relationship: private moods: Mad [//////////] sad [//////////////]

Spoiler: show
I'm also a Cheerleader, I'm on a Basketball team and I Run Track! That's a real Picture of Me and im not lying It really is! Good News I made it. I only have one interview left YAY!! NFL CHEERLEADER HERE I COME!!! *BAD NEWS* I recently had a death in my Family. I won't be online for a while but when I can I will.* [img][/img]

Things I hate show
I hate People who Lie, I hate people who Judge you, I also hate when people say crap about you and you don't know ANYTHING ABOUT THEM!!!!

#4 rp char show
Name:Carly,Age:17,Gender:Female,Hair:Black and VERY long, Eyes:Light red eyes, Appearance:Wears a white and blue short skirt, with white and blue shirt, that laces up on her breast allowing the top of her breast to be seen, followed by either black high heels, or sneakers. [img] [/img] Personality:Funny,Can be shy at times,Strong,Loving,Caring,Protective,Helpful.Species:Flame Wolf and it has many other powers too, Hair:White and kinda longish, Eye: Blood red when using power or mad, and light purple when calm, Appearance:White wolf ears, a torn white cape that can catch on fire, white bikini top armor outlined in gold, that shows a lil some and her stomach is showing, white bandages wrapped around her lower arm, tattoos that is on the side of her stomach, on face and up around her shoulder,and her lower arm by her hands.She also has white SHORT shorts that has a red flag hanging in the front, followed by white and gold armor boots, with a long white tail,that has a bit of a red fur tattoo. [img] [/img]

#5 rp char show
Name:Miguel,Gender:Male,Age:21, Hairhort and black,Eyes:light brown,Bio:Handsome,nice,caring, Powersexy Vamp. [img][/img] [img][/img]

#6 rp char show
Name:Xavier,Age:19,Gender:Male,Hair:kinda long, and purplish bluish,Eyes:Light Green,Personality:Nice,Protective etc. [img] [/img] [img] *More will be added [/img]

#7 rp char show
Name: Marie, Gender:female, Age:18

, Powers: Demon/vamp and etc, Bio: sexy, nice, strong, Fast. Hair color: black hair and its long, Eye Color: Cute light blue Moods: when angry she bursts into flames and Is A Demon Queen. [simg] [/simg]

New! #8 show
Name: Iqez, Age: 18, Gender: Male, Hair style: Box or can be long, Eye color: Light green, Personality: Nice, helpful, Charming, Friendly and etc. Mood: Happy but can get pissed off if you hurt his friends or family. Clothes: Basketball shorts with a pair of Patrick Ewing 33 hi no shirt. Body: Abs, Powers: Unknown at the moment. [simg] [/simg]

New! #9 show
Name:Jasmine, Age:19, Gender:Female, Hair:Brown, Eyes:Light Brown or Light green, Personality: Nice,Caring,loving,funny,Cute,friendly,strong. Mood:Happy but can get mad when you mess with her friends and family. Clothing: A mini shirt that shows her middrift,with booty shorts and Jordan hightops. Body*: Slim and sexy. Powers:Unknown until revealed. [simg] [/simg]

New! #10 show
Name:Emily, Age:18, Gender:Female, Hair:White and purple, Eyes: Purple(normal) and blood red(when angry), Personality: Nice, protective of friends and family,kind,strong,funny,cute/(or sexy), friendly. Mood: Mostly calm and happy but will get pissed when you hurt her friends and family. Clothing: Very revealing, wears gold heel boots that almost come up to her knees, gold wrist protective bracelet, a gold crown, has purple and white wings with gold outlining armor. Body: Slim and sexy, Powers: Unknown will be revealed. [simg] [/simg] [simg] [/simg]

*New* Jazzy show
Age:19, Gender: Female, Hair: Red and comes down to her butt, Eyes:Light Green, Attire: bronzish tight mini shirt,tight leggings that can be different colors,black mini leather jacket, with brown gloves. Personality: Protective of loved ones and friends,Kind,Helpful,and caring. [img] [/img] Species: Royal pureblood vampire. History: She is the most powerful Vampire, and can tend to be stronger than a demon. She is they only one left, that's what she thinks. [img] [/img]

*New* Diamond show
Age: 17, Gender: Female, Eye color when normal: Light brown, Hair length and color: Red and comes down to her butt, Personality: Nice, kind, helpful, and etc. Species: Demon Princess, Outfit: Shown in the picture. [img] [/img]

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