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I really don't use this site often anymore.
totally not gonna just copy-paste my info from other chat sites onto here

I'm a BIG history nerd, as can by told my signature, a quote from All Quiet on the Western Front. I love history, and can talk for hours of it. I specifically enjoy War-Timed topics of History, primarily German and French warfare. I also am a huge fan of science, and enjoy space. Odd, how I love these topics, but hate math and English.

I love music too, and listen to pop-punk primarily. However, my taste varies from 60's Rat Pack music, to J-Pop. However, I STRONGLY dislike Country music.

I play Video Games too. I am An Xbox One, 3DS, and computer gamer. I commonly play For Honor, GTA V, CoD:BoIII, CoD:WaW, and Ark. I'm usually on my Xbox.

Places to find me:
XBox: NeonChaosAbove
Kik: PierceReversedSirens (Shut up I made it when I was like 13)

I RP a lot, and do either gender.

I'm also a weeb.

AmbientDidact does not have a Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo 3DS friend code.

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