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Names Akuma Im 20 now my Birthday was April 19 1996
Hey guys hows everyone
Oh ya about me well um...hmm.... I draw i love to fight RP play videogames and....
I LOVE PIKACHU!!! Favorite anime's kaze no stigma darker than black angel beats witch blade negimal!?magister negi magi spice wolf highschool of the dead gurran lagann zero no bleach souleater corpse princess rosario+vampire nyan koi high school d poke'mon and many more.....

Rp chara Name:Grim Age:17 Personality: mean nice strict loves to fight. about himself: has no memories his of past hates people and demons wants to have a friend... powers: demon scythe exploding clones insanity dual pistols weapon clones morph and for most of his moves he must use blood to create the weapons he uses last but not least his final stages of fighting are his eyes and hair changing from blue to red and from that point he does not use weapons but his speed power and how much damage he can take increases ten fold and once he is almost about to die his eyes and hair change once again to pitch black and his skin starts to peel off and from this point his strength and speed gain another boost yet during this Grim is not in control of his actions he looses his mind and goes into insanity and he will try to kill anyone in sight friend or foe but this only last for a short period of time and after he is finished he will fall in a coma as it is only a last ditch effort to live.

Grim on a good day.

And Grim in combat [img][/img]

is their anything else's you want to know stranger on my profile.....

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